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Employment opportunities


What we do

Australia’s eight government geoscience agencies work together as Australia Minerals to attract investment into the Australian minerals sector. As part of their mandates, all Australia Minerals agencies undertake world-class geoscience to increase understanding of Australia’s geology and resource prospectivity, deliver and manage pre-competitive geoscientific datasets, and actively promote the exploration potential of their jurisdiction. The geological surveys and their government departments facilitate mineral, petroleum and geothermal exploration and development within a sustainable framework by providing geoscientific information and data, industry regulation, and legislative and policy development.

The geoscience agencies provide essential information and advice to government, the mineral exploration and mining industries, and the community on geology, mineral resources and exploration, along with information for land use planning and environmental management.

Each agency offers a wide range of career opportunities that include geology, geophysics and other geoscientific disciplines, engineering, and positions in administration and management.

Working in Australia

In most instances, Australian citizenship is a requirement for employment in each of Australia’s geoscience agencies. Applicants without citizenship or permanent residency status will require a visa to work in Australia. More information is provided in the links below:

State and territory opportunities

Geoscience Australia

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

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